Are you ready to get started with essential oils?

For some people, this can be a pretty overwhelming process, but I want you to know that I am here to help!  I’m here to walk through this with you, so feel free to contact me with your questions. This is what I love to do:)

The BEST way to get started is with a Wholesale account.

  • No required selling (it is an option though).
  • No required monthly minimum orders.
  • No additional purchases required.
  • It works just like Costco or Sam’s Club

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 25% off wholesale pricing
  • Support & oil education
  • A Welcome gift from me
  • A completely changed life 😉


Step one: you will want to pick an essential oil starter kit. Here are 2 of my favorites, but there are 9 starter kits to fit your needs!

1. The Natural Solutions Kit $550


The Natural Solutions kit is a top seller. Not only does it have 18 oils and blends, you also get an AromaLite diffuser, Life Long Vitality supplements, a wooden storage box, and more.

*When you make a 100pv purchase next month through the loyalty program, you can get $100 in additional free oils.

2. The Home Essentials Kit $275


The Home Essentials kit is a collection of the 10 most popular essential oils and blends along with the Petal diffuser (my personal favorite). This is an excellent starter kit with oils that are incredibly versatile. Full-size bottles contain 250 drops each.

**These are the most popular kits and the ones that I recommend. If you are interested in a larger kit, something more economical, or would like to make a custom enrollment kit, send me an email and I’d love to help you.**

Ready? Let’s do this!!

  1. Click HERE , enter your preferred language & country, and hit “continue”.
  2. Choose the Wholesale Customer option and then hit “continue”.
  3. Enter your contact and shipping info. You should see 735022 in the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes. That’s me!
  4. In the U.S., choose Economy for $3.99 flat rate shipping
  5. Enter in payment info and hit Process Order Now
  6. Email me at increasinglyholistic@gmail.com and introduce yourself!!! I’d love to learn what your goals are so I can offer you the best support. I’ll get your welcome gift ready to ship, send you some information, and add you to our team groups where you can ask questions.

I am so excited for you to get your oils and to get started on this amazing journey with me!

Amy Culp